‘Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore’ Now Available in the US

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Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore (Free) has just released in the US and other regions. Deep Silver Fishlabs’ gorgeous space-shooter is the third main entry in the long-running series that has pushed iOS visual gaming boundaries. There’s some video content out there discussing the game’s new setting, and some of the ships, but what remains important is flying through space, pew-pewing your enemies with lasers and missiles, and becoming the galactic force of nature you’ve always dreamed of becoming. The latest video for the game shows off the ReplayKit functionality, with a challenge to players to take on the “Sprint" challenge in the Geminus system, and to share a video with the hashtag #gof3manticore if they complete it:

The game has been in soft launch for a few months now, but has also been available in a prologue version available on Apple TV. The free-to-play aspect of the game has been somewhat controversial among enthusiasts who have played the game, but that’s also a pretty common reaction to any series that shifts from paid to free-to-play. Time will tell, especially now that a few months of balancing and tweaking has been completed, if this is a fun and fair experience for all players. How the market takes to the game both in terms of how well it does financially as well as player response will be interesting to see. [Check out the thread for the worldwide launch of *Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore*]( to discuss this one.

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