‘Punch Club’ Guide to Pixel Art Is Worth a Read

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Punch Club ($4.99) made quite a splash when it came out partly because of how well it captured a long-gone era (sorry guys, the 80s are ancient history now) while still managing to modernize the tycoon-genre gameplay. We liked it quite a bit in our review, and I personally really enjoyed the pixel art that looked like a refined (but not too much) version of games like Double Dragon. An article by the developer’s art director published yesterday goes into the art process in depth. He talks about how the artwork is drawn and then scaled, and how the scenes are created in terms of making sure the geometry works well.

Then he moves on to talk about scene lighting and occlusion, which can be tricky when a game uses the perspective Punch Club does. The blog ends with a description of how scenes are put together. Overall, this is an interesting read for anyone doing video game art – especially pixel art – or anyone who enjoyed Punch Club.

[via Gamasutra]

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