‘FIFA Mobile Soccer’ Resetting Guest Accounts, Here’s What NOT to Do

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FIFA Mobile Soccer (Free) is quite popular – for reasons I understand but wish I didn’t – and has a pretty big player base. However, not all is rosy in the world of FIFA Mobile Soccer because apparently a number of users is having their guest accounts reset. When you start the game, you can either make a Facebook-linked or Game center account or just go with a guest one. So, if you’ve had your guest account reset, all of your progress, players, money, etc has gone bye bye. This is probably not an isolated incident because FIFA Mobile Soccer forum administrator went on the forums to acknowledge the issue and offer some information on what not to do if you’re affected by the issue. Apparently there’s no solution yet, but there are some ways you can avoid the reset becoming permanent.

If your account hasn’t been reset, then it’s recommended you link your account to Facebook and/or Game Center to ensure you avoid having this issue happen to you. If your account has been reset, then do not link your new guest account to Facebook and/or Game Center because that might make it harder to recover your data. And do not delete or reinstall the game because it will again make it harder to recover the date. For more updates, keep checking this forum.

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