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‘FNAF: Sister Location’ Coming to Mobile (Hopefully) Soon

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When Scott Cawthon, of the famous Five Nights at Freddy’s ($2.99) franchise (because it is a franchise now), announced Sister Location, he seemed to be focusing on PC only with no real mention of the game coming to mobile. We knew it would eventually find its way to this side of the gaming world, but we had no firm timeline. Well, it looks like the mobile release of Sister Location is getting close because Scott had said he would release it on mobile after the Custom Night update hit, and that update hit a couple of days ago. Hopefully this means we are getting Sister Location on mobile sooner rather than later.

If you haven’t heard about Sister Location before, it takes place at Circus Baby’s Pizza World and has all kinds of cutting-edge (got it?) animatronic entertainers. You are, of course, a late night technician who needs to not die, but you aren’t sitting at a control room like in most other FNAF games; instead, Sister Location has you (almost) free-roaming around the pizza place. The reviews for the game are very positive with many saying Sister Location is better than all other FNAF games. Get ready for some more scares.

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