Classical Music Rhythm Game ‘Pianista’ Now Available

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A few days ago, I wrote about the upcoming Pianista (Free), the Guitar Hero-like rhythm game that has you playing classical music instead of rock. Well, the game is now available worldwide, so if classical music is your thing, jump on it. Pianista can be played with two thumbs – so no weird finger gymnastics – and you hit the notes as they roll your way. You have the usual note sustain and finger dragging to quickly get to the notes, and every time you miss a note, your life gauge decreases. Miss enough notes, and you die poor in an attic or basement like some of the classical music composers.

The game comes with forty classical pieces from fourteen composers, and the developers have told me they plan to add Baroque and Classical era music in the future. The game gives you the option to play the songs in three different speeds and fade in-out. The game is F2P, and as you gain gold, you can unlock more songs. If all goes as planned, the developers plan to add a Competition mode where you compare scores with other players, support for more languages, and more.

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