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Submarine Simulator ‘Silent Depth’ Finally Submitted to the App Store, New Trailer Released

Winter 2016 has seen a lot of games which have seemingly been in development forever finally be released. The Last Guardian, the sequel to cult classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus is finally seeing the light of day on PS4 next week, and Final Fantasy XV has launched to immense relief from fans who have been waiting for ten years for the latest entry in the franchise. While it may not have as powerful brands behind it as these two releases, Silent Depth has been lurking in the sea of our upcoming games forum since October 2013, and despite numerous periods of radio silence, the submarine simulator has finally been submitted to the App Store, and a new trailer has been released to demonstrate how the game has progressed over the last three years.

While the aforementioned perpetually delayed titles get away with such long development cycles owing to the relative stability of the console industry, the ever changing ecosystem of the App Store and iOS means Silent Depth does look a little dated. The graphics haven’t changed too much since its 2013 conception, and while the dynamic lighting and detail to the on-screen HUD may have been impressive back in the day, in the current climate Silent Depth is really showing its age. However, the game does look like an incredibly immersive submarine simulator, and with a lot of dials and customisation options should be as immersive in 2016 as it would have been three years ago, and with the creators committing further support in the form of updates to the title, Silent Depth appears to have been successfully salvaged from development hell. Silent Depth has been submitted to the App Store and is scheduled to launch later in December, but until then dive into our forum thread for further discussion on this latest submarine game.