Huge ‘Power Hover’ Update Landing Next Week With New Chapter, Levels, and Much More

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Power Hover ($3.99) is reaching its one year anniversary on the App Store, and since its initial release, the developers have gone all-out in continuously updating their hoverboarding opus with more and more major additions that have greatly improved on the already impressive base game that was well received back in December 2015. Considering the game has remained resolutely premium in its monetisation throughout the past twelve months, it’s great that Oddrok are continuing to build on Power Hover. On December 8th, the next 1.7.0 update is slated to launch, and could be the biggest yet for the game. With a new chapter, levels, and a wide variety of other additions and improvements, there’s a lot to look forward to in this upcoming content update, and the developers have released a teaser gif to demonstrate what’s in store for Power Hover next Thursday.

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The main feature that Oddrok are touting in the Power Hover update is the addition of a new main chapter, which features your protagonist’s adventure through a mysterious green desert. As well as this atmospheric new setting, six new levels and one endless boss level are also included, which should go some way to improving the longevity of Power Hover, as well as giving die hard fans even more content to complete if they had somehow made it through the rest of the game. Furthermore, a new map screen has been added, which helps consolidate the world and story of Power Hover further, and also gives the option for players to unlock all the levels quickly through an in-app purchase (don’t fret, they’re easily unlockable through regular gameplay). Some other improvements, achievements, themes, and finally iCloud saving support for iOS 10 top off what is yet another impressive update for Power Hover – long may such support for the game continue. Take a look at our forums for full details of what’s in store in this update, and be sure to leave your thoughts on Power Hover on the thread or in the comments below.

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