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Upcoming ‘Pianista’ Is ‘Guitar Hero’ For Classical Music Lovers

Do you like games like Guitar Hero and Rockband but wish you could play classical music instead of rock of all kinds? Well, the upcoming game Pianista is here to give you exactly what you asked for, and it looks great. The developer, Superb Corp, want Pianista to provide a “fresh and vibrant experience," and I have to say that the trailer posted below seems to be doing just that. The gameplay is very similar to the classic falling notes of games like Guitar Hero, but the game is meant to be played with only your thumbs, so don’t expect to have to do finger gymnastics as much as being able to keep with the fast rhythm and harmony of the music pieces.

I’m a fan of classical music, so I’m rather excited about this one. Production values seem top notch, and the music will, of course, be great. If you want to offer any feedback to the developers, hop over to our Upcoming Games forum thread. The game will be soft-launching in the near future in quite a few locations, so keep an eye out.