Blizzard Fixes ‘Gadgetzan’ Tri-Class Pack Bug, Open Your ‘Hearthstone’ Packs Freely

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If you haven’t been watching, the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan packs from Hearthstone‘s (Free) latest expansion came with an unintentional bug that made the drop rate of tri-class cards higher than intended. Well, Blizzard has just announced that a hotfix has been rolled out to all players on the Americas server at 2:30PM PST, and that should correct the issues. Any player on the Americas server who opened Gadgetzan packs prior to 2:30PM PST will receive additional packs as compensation. If you were one of those affected, you will receive 33% of the total amount of Gadgetzan packs you opened prior to 2:30 rounded up, regardless if you got the packs using gold, real money, or from quests. If you bought the 50-pack bundled and opened all of the packs before 2:30, you’ll get an additional 17 packs.

If you bought packs prior to 2:30 but haven’t opened them yet, then you won’t be affected by this bug (and you don’t get any extra packs, sorry). This is great news for those who ended up with a ton of unwanted tri-class cards, and I’m glad to see Blizzard fixed the issue promptly.

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