‘Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective’ Has Risen from the Dead, Now Compatible on iOS 10

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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (Free) has a particularly tragic past – and I’m not talking about the game’s incredible storyline. Released in the twilight years of the DS, Ghost Trick received unanimous critical acclaim across the board, winning a wide variety of awards in 2011. However, the timing of the launch meant that Ghost Trick was not as successful commercially as it was with the critics – and even then, the game tended to live in the shadow of Shu Takumi’s more popular Phoenix Wright series. I was a massive fan of the game on its original DS launch, so it was both incredibly surprising and infinitely awesome to see Capcom port it to iOS in 2012, and I can’t recommend it more for its engrossing narrative and truly unique gameplay mechanics. Today, Ghost Trick has finally been updated with iOS 10 support, which is a fantastic excuse to replay the game if you were a fan, or try it out (the first two chapters are free) if you missed it first time around.

Ghost Trick has struggled with the iterative iOS updates over its four years of existence – fitting with the game’s premise, Capcom has brought the title back to life for iOS 8, however shortly after had to pull it back off the App Store for further compatibility reasons. That being said, Capcom’s commitment to its titles has been generally impressive, and makes the actions of some other major publishers (not mentioning any names) seem rather inexcusable. While the long-awaited compatibility update for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite ($14.99) makes more sense owing to the franchise’s popularity, the fact that Capcom have updated Ghost Trick – which isn’t likely to be the most profitable endeavour for the company – shows a level of commitment and respect for the fans which unfortunately cannot be taken for granted on the App Store. Your move, Bioshock.

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