Train Jam 2017 Tickets Now on Sale, and They Sell Fast

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As we wrote about a few days ago, developers at GDC 2017 will have a very fun game jam at their disposal, the Train Jam, and its tickets have just gone on sale, so grab them while you can. If you want to join in the creative fun, go here to buy your ticket, and don’t meander because these tickets go fast. What is the Train Jam, you might ask? Now in its fourth year, the Train Jam starts on an Amtrak train in Chicago on February 23rd, 2017, and travels all the way to San Francisco (a one-way trip by the way). During that over 52-hour train trip, game developers make games based on a particular theme. This jam will be the first time that the organizers, Adriel Wallick and John Lindvay, have officially teamed up with Amtrak. What that means for the developers? The train will be all yours, no one else will be on board. I’m getting flashes of Murder on the Orient Express by the way, but don’t let that deter anyone from joining in.

GDC 2017 will be promoting games made during the Train Jam, so this is a great chance for developers to one, be forced to actually make something happen, and two, have it played at GDC 2017. You can check out the games from last year’s Train Jam here. Tickets are on sale now, and if you applied for one of the diversity initiatives, you should hear from the organizers before the end of the day.

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