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Blow Up a Robot Walrus with Dynamite in the Soft Launched ‘Evil Factory’

Nexon M has soft launched an interesting little action game called Evil Factory on the Philippines App Store. Developed by Team Chili, you have to invade the evil factory of the Kraken, trying to take down their forces using just an endless amount of dynamite and the occasion subweapon like a flamethrower. Each level presents you with a unique challenge, with a set of enemies or a boss that you have to take down without taking any damage. The more you play, the more unique main and subweapons you’ll pick up.

The game features a bunch of standard free-to-play elements – soft and hard currency, loot boxes, et cetera. But the gameplay is unique for a free-to-play title, as you have a legitimate action game at the core here, with a bit of a Bomberman influence with the dynamite main weapon. Plus, the soundtrack is by Jukio Kallio of Nuclear Throne fame. Neat! There’s a forum thread for the game if you’re curious to chat about this one.

Philippines App Store link: Evil Factory