All 3 ‘Infinity Blade’ Games Are $0.99 for Black Friday

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If you still haven’t checked out the Infinity Blade games, I’m not here to admonish you. There’s a ton of games out there and it’s hard to keep up with every single one. I miss out on games and mobile games is my life! But with the holiday season hopefully bringing some downtime to you, this means that if you’ve wanted to see what the fuss is all about with the Infinity Blade series, as all 3 games are on sale:

It might be worth starting at the first game if you haven’t played any of them. Seeing the whole repetition concept at its freshest usage is pretty cool (the later games didn’t quite justify it as well as the original does), and killing the God-King for the first time is extremely satisfying. The later games are more expansive, better-looking, and offer up more story (though they’re not easy to decipher at all). For $3 total, you could spend a lot of time on this trilogy.

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