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The Upcoming ‘Castle Crusade’ Has You Tearing Down Your Opponents’ Castles

Ever played Crossbows and Catapults growing up? You know, that game where you used your plastic siege weapons to tear down your opponent’s walls and castles bit by bit? The developers of the upcoming Castle Crusade definitely liked that classic game and it’s the inspiration for their upcoming Castle Crusade game. In Castle Crusade you build your castle using various blocks to defend from other players and then use your catapult to take down other players’ castles. You have to pick the right kind of projectile for the right kind of material (rocks, fireballs, etc), which should make building castles fun. The game offers both real-time PvP and a single-player campaign.

As you can expect, there’s some element of base building here where you have to get resources to build your castle and, of course, you can upgrade your castles and catapults as you go along. The game is in soft launch in New Zealand and is also looking for beta testers in our forums. If you feel like going medieval on your friends, check Castle Crusade out.