Black Friday iOS Sales Kick Off with ‘Final Fantasy Tactics’ Dropping to $3.99

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Looking back at last year’s Black Friday iOS game sale bonanza, there were tons of good price drops, but I’m not sure any were as significant as this one. As of this morning, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions ($13.99) has hit its lowest historical price ever of $3.99. Sure, it’s been on sale before, but the lowest it has ever gotten has been is $6.99. Hopefully this is a sign of the caliber of sales we can expect this week as anyone with a paid game slams the price down to near-$0.

We reviewed the game back in 2011, and made mention of it not being the best port, but Squeenix has significantly updated the game since then. The graphics got redrawn, iCloud support was added, making it a significantly better port than when it was first released. Also, if you’ve never played Final Fantasy Tactics, now is a fantastic time to jump in. I don’t think it’s hyperbole at all to call it a true classic.

Anyway, go grab an iTunes gift card because I have a feeling this week is going to be pretty crazy with game sales. We’ll be posting about the best ones, but, if you want to stay on top of best sales as they’re happening, bookmark this AppShopper link. Alternatively, if you want to see all game sales (which will include a lot of junk) this is the link for you.


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