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‘Fruit Ninja Tournament Edition’ Coming in 2017, Needs Beta Testers

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If you’ve been following Fruit Ninja ($1.99) at all, you’ll kind of see that the paid version of the game has not been updated since July 19th, where the free version of the game, Fruit Ninja Free (Free) continues to get updates. People have been asking on Twitter and elsewhere about updates for the paid version, and Halfbrick has responded that they’re working on an update:

Well, they’re definitely working on something new, and they’re calling it Fruit Ninja Tournament Edition. While they have limited info at the moment, they’re saying it’s their “first step into the casual PVP / e-sport scene and promises to deliver the fastest, juiciest PVP experience on mobile." The game will be revealed at Amazon’s Champions of Fire Invitational – which was a curious addition to the news release – and the curious can help Halfbrick test the game out by signing up for the game’s beta.

What this means for Fruit Ninja‘s paid version, we’ll hopefully find out soon. We’ve reached out to Halfbrick for further comment and will update with a response.

Update: Halfbrick has responded about the paid version of Fruit Ninja:

TA: Is [Fruit Ninja Tournament Edition] going to be an update to the paid version of Fruit Ninja or a completely separate release?

Halfbrick: Fruit Ninja Tournament Edition is a new and completely stand-alone experience. We are taking a fan first approach and are letting our players shape the direction of this game via our closed beta. It’s important for us to meet our fans expectations and then try to exceed them. There has been a lot of player input into this already and so we are opening it up to a wider audience. What happens next depends on how Fruit Ninja TE is received.

TA: And if not an update to the paid version – do you have any idea when you might have some details on an update to the paid game?

We are in planning for updates to Fruit Ninja paid and we will reveal details via our website and in-game newsfeed. Stay tuned.

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