‘WWE SuperCard’ Season 3 Update Now Available

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2K Games and Cat Daddy have been teasing out some details for Season 3 of WWE SuperCard (Free), but at last the game’s major update is now available on iOS and Android. The big addition to the game is the first real-time gameplay mode against other opponents with the Royal Rumble mode. It’s a 15-on-15 brawl against an online opponent to try and have the last card standing.

For players with season 1 cards, they are being transitioned to legacy cards that can be played in Wild Mode that uses both active and legacy modes. Ranked mode will only use cards from season 2 and 3. Season 3 will at least bring new wrestlers from the WWE and NXT rosters with 100 new cards in 3 new tiers. But a CCG does have to evolve over time and not remain stuck on old cards that might be imbalanced in a new metagame. The Season 3 update is out now.

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