Cute Wall-Jumping Platformer ‘Nekosan’ by 1Button Updated with World B

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1Button literally released Nekosan (Free) two weeks ago, but they’re already hard at work on bringing more content to the game. World B of the game is now available, bringing forth some new challenges. Portals, mouse holes, and more! Oh my! Good luck taking on all of that. Thankfully, you have a couple of new characters as rewards for those fish you collect: Ginette the Frong and François the Chicken.

It’s good to see 1Button already trying to keep Nekosan updated and fresh with new content. They have a solid core game with adorable characters and good wall-jumping action. Keeping people engaed with regular content updates will be key to this game’s long-term success, and it’s easy to see a Nekosan with dozens of worlds with different challenges someday. And that adorable cat and his friends, of course. Until then, the World 8 update is available now.

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    Oh no… The mice stole all the stars :’( Only a cat can infiltrate their dungeons to get them back! Help Nekosan an…
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