Moana Makes Her Way To ‘Disney Crossy Road’

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As you can tell from our earlier story on the latest Disney game, November is Moana month since we are a week away from the animated film hitting the movie theaters. And, of course, Disney Crossy Road (Free) wasn’t going to be left out of the Moana party. In the latest update, Disney is bringing over the world of Lalotai where you can explore the Realm of Monsters with, of course, new figurines likes Moana herself, Maui, Pua, Heihei, and many more. Surviving won’t be that easy since you’ll have to dodge all kinds of weird monsters including eight-eyed bats and more. There are even water geysers that might return you back to the world of those puny humans.

As is always the case with Disney Crossy Road updates, there are also secret figurines for you to unlock. So if you like Moana or simply like to get your hands on new figurines, check out the new update.

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