‘BATMAN – The Telltale Series’ Episode 4 Launches on iOS Nov. 22nd

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After releasing the first episodes weeks apart on PC and iOS, Telltale has finally managed to get the iOS Batman – The Telltale Series(Free) episodes ready to come out at the same time. Episode 4, Guardian of Gotham, will be launching November 22nd on all platforms. Telltale notes that episode 4 will take players in very different places depending on their choices during the third episode, so this might be the most diverging story Telltale has done so far. In Episode 4 (spoilers), we have Penguin running Wayne Enterprises and Bruce, well, not where you thought he would be. I won’t spoil that part because it’s probably worth finding out yourselves what has happened to Bruce Wayne and Batman. The episode will give players some very crucial decisions to make that will heavily influence the way the last episode of the series will play.

I’ve been enjoying the series so far, although I have to say that the early episodes were marred with pretty bad technical issues that even an iPhone 7 couldn’t overcome. The last episode was pretty good in terms of technical issues, but again, on an iPhone 7. So, proceed with caution. We have a review ongoing in case you want to see how the story has unfolded so far and what we think of the series.

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