‘Neon Chrome’ Cyberpunk Roguelike Shooter from 10tons Now Available

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10tons’ Neon Chrome ($6.99) is now available on the App Store. This cyberpunk roguelike dual-stick shooter has you controlling a character from randomly-generated classes, trying to advance through the Neon Chrome corporation building to take on the overseer who controls everything, and to destroy him. You’ll earn credits that can permanently upgrade the stats of the ‘assets’ you use, along with unlocking new items and temporary upgrades throughout the game. The game has launched at a sale price of $4.99 for two weeks, after that the game goes up to $9.99, so get it fast if you’re interested.

I have to say, while the game certainly seems a bit easier to at least start out with on mobile compared to the PC version (I was able to beat the Overseer a lot faster than on the PC), it might just help to make the game feel a lot more accessible than the PC/console versions. At least starting out, once you start advancing and fighting more overseers, you’ll see how difficult this game can truly be. I’ll be streaming a bunch of Neon Chrome Thursday night on our Mobcrush channel if you’re interested in seeing a lot more of this one.

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