‘Monument Valley’ Visually Inspired ‘Doctor Strange’

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ustwo’s Monument Valley ($3.99) has been a rather popular and influential game, particularly for a paid game on mobile. Now, the influence has spread to Doctor Strange. The movie features many surreal landscapes and impossible geometry, something that Monument Valley trafficks in quite well. Visual effects supervisor Stephane Ceretti discussed with Vulture about how Monument Valley affected Doctor Strange‘s visual effects, saying in particular that the “forced-perspective motion" of Monument Valley was something they analyzed along with fractals, and the artwork of MC Escher.

It’s cool to hear about a mobile game playing a cultural influence like this. This isn’t the first time Monument Valley has shown up as influencing media, as it played a role in a recent season of House of Cards. But Monument Valley feels like a game that’s really unique to mobile, and seeing it influence culture like this should warm the heart of any mobile gaming enthusiast. Not bad for a game on a platform full of trash for babies, eh?

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