‘Feral Fury’ Gets Endless Mode and Control Improvements

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Skandivania Games’ Feral Fury ($4.99) has, in the weeks since its release, gotten some tweaks that have been requested by players, such as improved brightness settings. The latest update adds in a requested new mode and improved controls. Endless mode is just that, challenging you to play the game for as long as you can, with new levels constantly appearing over time. This is the same harder difficulty of the Daily mode, where you have less health than when you start a new game now, and deal with harder enemies from the outset. You’ll be competing for high scores with other players. And by “other players" I mean the crazy people on the forums who said “I like Feral Fury, but I am so good at it that it just ends too soon. I wish it didn’t have to end." So, good luck on those leaderboards, folks.

Along with the new endless mode, the controls have been improved to be more responsive on touchscreens, though there is always the MFi controller support to use. If you’re playing this one, you need to get in the forum thread for the game, where players and the developers are chatting about the game.

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