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Zen Studios Teases ‘Bethesda Pinball’

Game publisher Bethesda has been running rather high between turning PC gaming classics Fallout and The Elder Scrolls into mainstream gaming phenomenons, reviving Doom to great acclaim, the rise of the Dishonored series, and on mobile the success of the spinoff Fallout Shelter (Free). Now it looks like their games are about to get an interesting crossover, as Zen Studios is currently teasing Bethesda Pinball with an image featuring Vault Boy:


The potential for Bethesda Pinball is endless. There has to be a Fallout table, but it’d be fun to see what they did with a Doom table, or something involving a giant dragon on a Skyrim table, maybe? There’s a lot that Zen Studios could do here, and it’ll be interesting to see just what they do when they reveal more…