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Carl Burton’s ‘Islands: Non-Places’ Promises Gorgeous Surreal Landscapes

Carl Burton, an artist and designer who may be best known for his work as the illustrator for Serial season 2, and for his award-winning short film Shelter, is entering the world of games with Islands: Non-Places. The game is somewhat mysterious as to the objective or purpose – where’s the fun in revealing too many details – but expect to get Burton’s artwork in interactive form. His GIFs and illustrations are fantastic, but you’ll get to see these “non-places" come to life in a form that you can interact with.

If the mysterious landscapes of Islands: Non-Places intrigue you, then you’ll want to check it out when is set to release on Thursday, November 17th for PC, Mac, and iOS. Details are slim beyond the limited content that has been revealed, but going in fresh to something like this seems quite recommended.