‘Pokemon GO’ Is Hiding a Secret

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As we wrote a few days ago, data miners have managed to find some very interesting information regarding what might be coming to Pokemon GO (Free) in the future. By digging around the game’s files, they found out that we should be getting more Pokemon in the near future, with Pokemon numbers 152-251 referenced, as well as 52 new Pokemon families. In a recent interview, Niantic CEO, John Hanke, revealed that they definitely like hiding secrets in the game, which means that we are right to be digging away trying to find them. More interestingly, he pointed out that there’s a secret in the game right now and that we’ll see how that plays out over the next few weeks. He didn’t reveal any further information, but it’s obvious that there’s something to be found.

What could that be? That is a very good question. Since we’ve already heard about new Pokemon and we just got the Daily Bonuses the other day, it won’t be anything like that. Maybe something about Pokemon trading? What do you think?

[via GamesRadar+]


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