New ‘Pathfinder Adventures’ Update Brings Deck 5 and Much More

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Obsidian continues to give us more Pathfinder Adventures (Free) content, and this time around we are getting Deck 5. Update 1.1.5, which should be dropping soon, is adding Sings of the Saviors to the game, and it looks great. This new deck adds 5 new scenarios, 3 new locations, new maps, new loot, new legendary rewards, and new mechanics to the game, like Rimeskull with the Sihedron Circle Location. As the update blog points out, this is a great new mechanic that should entertain players quite a bit. One of the scenarios includes a huge dragon, Arkrhyst, that hits everyone with a breath weapon even before combat begins. There’s also a scenario that comes with three villains, and they look fun to take on. Apparently, each time you defeat one of those villains, the others get more difficult to beat.

The update also adds new Wildcards like Close Quarters, and Alert Guards, new Treasure Cards, which include two new blessing card flavors, and much, much more. You can check the update blog here and the patchnotes here. I’m glad to see Obsidian continue to support this great game, and all these updates have really made the bundle worth the money.

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