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Board Game ‘Potion Explosion’ Coming to Mobile – Wizards and Witches, Get Ready

Another board game is making its way to mobile soon, and this one is all about pretending to be a witch or a wizard and trying to beat everyone in class by creating the best potion ever. In other words, you’re pretty much Hermione and you hope the rest of the players are more like Ron. What you do is try go get the correct ingredients together to concoct cool potions like the Elixir of Blind Love (very dangerous when consumed while at a busy place), the Potion of Prismatic Joy, or even the Sands of Time. And the game is not just all about making a potion; you can also consume your potions, which gives you all kinds of effects that could help you or mess with your opponents.

You’ll be able to play the game solo or compete with others for leaderboard honors. And there’s a fun falling marbles mechanic that will entertain those who like puzzle games. Potion Explosion is coming out in December for iOS and Android and will cost &6.99.