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The Upcoming Adventure Game ‘Little Briar Rose’ Has a Beautiful Art Style

Little Briar Rose is an upcoming adventure game with a truly striking art style. Instead of going the pixel route, like so many other games recently, Little Briar Rose is all about colorful stained glass. As the developers mention in our Upcoming Games forum thread, the game was inspired by the story of Sleeping Beauty (Little Briar Rose is the name of the original Grimm tale that is now better known as Sleeping Beauty), and you can you see those inspirations in the opening of the trailer below. The art style will also remind you of a Disney film, the opening of Beauty and the Beast. The game looks truly unique and it will surely grab gamers’ attention.

Beyond the art style, Little Briar Rose has a fairytale for a story and plenty of references to both western and eastern fairytale tradition,s with the occasional Disney reference sprinkled in as well. The game has plenty of minigames and puzzles and a lovely world to explore. And with art style like that, I’m pretty sure most gamers will want to explore the world of Little Briar Rose. The game is launching mid-November, and you can go and join the beta in our forums.