Card-Battler Strategy Game ‘Calculords’ Gets New DLC Campaign in First Update in More than Two Years

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This is actually a bit of news I meant to get to last week and didn’t have time, but seeing as how unique a game Calculords (Free) is and how log it’s been since its last content update, I felt like it was still worth talking about. First off, Calculords is a card-based strategy game which launched back in February of 2014. It had you building up a deck of units and battling against a colorful cast of AI opponents in its campaign, placing your units among 3 lanes on the playfield to battle head to head against your opponents’ units. It sounds a bit standard as far as card-battlers go, but what set Calculords apart was its use of math. Yes, math! It’s fun!

You use a 3×3 grid of random numbers in order to put together an equation where the answer matches the number needed on a particular unit’s card so that you can deploy it to the battlefield. It sounds more complicated than it actually is, but it also adds an extremely deep layer to the game as you can earn multipliers that can stack if you use up all 9 of your numbers before taking your turn in battle. This leads to some creative use of math and the numbers you’re given, and it’s incredibly satisfying to come up with the perfect set of equations that will give you the exact numbers you’re looking for.


Anyway, all this is to say that last week Calculords received a huge update adding a new DLC campaign called Cosmic Shadows. This new content adds a new boss to battle against as well as new cards to add to your collection. This comes as the first new content update for Calculords since August of 2014 when there was a massive UI overhaul and true native widescreen support was added along with a new boss fight and a bunch of new cards. It’s especially surprising to see this Cosmic Shadows update since developer Ninja Crime recently tried Kickstarting a sequel and it was kind of assumed that this first game was done with and finished. I guess not!

So, if this is the first you’re hearing of Calculords this new update is a great excuse to give the free download a try, and you can check out our original review for some more info. And if you’re an existing fan who hasn’t played Calculords for a while, head to the App Store and re-download this gem to give the new Cosmic Shadows content a spin.

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