Tactical Shooter ‘Steamworld Heist’ Has Made Its Way to the App Store

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If you enjoy tactical, turn-based shooters, start tapping that buy button because Steamworld Heist ($4.99) is a great one. Steamworld Heist has been on PC for a bit now, and I’m glad to see it finally make its way to the App Store. In the game you guide your crew of steampunk pirate robots and have them shoot it out with equally robotic adversaries. Although most of you who enjoy tactical games would probably buy it even if the game had nothing else to offer, there’s another great twist to the formula; you can aim each of your weapons independently, making for some amazingly satisfying trick shots.

As you go along, you upgrade your robots and new abilities, weapons, and even hats (game developers just love hats). The levels are all procedurally generated and look pretty fantastic. The game has new characters and missions as DLC on PC, so hopefully those will end up on iOS too. Go start shooting, everyone.

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