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‘Nellie’s Ark’ Brings Stylish Brick-Breaking to the App Store This Week

One of the interesting trends in mobile gaming has been the way that simple game genres have gotten artsier twists as simple games try to stand out and add a deeper experience to simple core gameplay experiences. Robert Morrison Jnr., hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, is set to apply his own take to this trend with Nellie’s Ark, a brick-breaker with stylish art and music.

Nellie’s Ark is level-based, with 63 different levels in 7 worlds to try and break bricks in. You control the eponymous Nellie, an emoticon that uses her face to bounce the ball that’s breaking the bricks. Her eyes can be hit but take damage, so be careful with those close calls. Right now, Nellie’s Ark only features tilt controls. The thing is, the game’s full of symbology, with limited word usage, so there’s some secrets quite possibly in there. Including touch controls? I can only wish! Nellie’s Ark will be available for $2.99 on November 10th.