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Upcoming ‘Duelstar’ Is a Same-Device Spaceship Battler

The classic Star Control game was one of my favorite PC games back in the day; I really enjoyed the local multiplayer and the asymmetric spaceship battles, and Duelstar is trying to give us a similar game for mobile. Duelstar is a one-button local multiplayer “spacewar" game that will have you trying to outwit your opponent. The game will launch with 6 ships, each with its own mechanics, and as you can see in the trailer, the game battle mechanics look fun since you don’t only have to take on your opponent but also various environmental obstacles. And if you don’t have friends to play with, the game will also feature a practice mode against AI.

The game will release November 11th and will cost $1.99 with no IAPs. The developer is planning on adding more ships for free in the future and keep a tight asymmetric balance while doing it. Fun idea, but I do wish there was online multiplayer (although I know it’s not easy for solo developers to add that feature). If you want to chat with the developer, go to our Upcoming Games forum thread.