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‘Sky Dancer’ Is a Beautiful Runner/Skydiver Looking for Testers

Let’s start with the obvious, first; the upcoming Sky Dancer is beautiful and has a great art style and music. I mean, just look at the trailer below. The color palette, the Journey-esque feel along with the day/night cycle make the game really stand out. And I really like the music in the trailer; I think it works great with the visual style and the game’s introspective feel. But what will stand out for most is the clever combination of running and skydiving. The running part of the game won’t surprise anyone since it’s your typical kind of running, jumping over chasms, and collecting coins.

However, when you add the skydiving part, then it all becomes much more fun. As you can see in the trailer, each platform is pretty short, so you have to constantly jump and land on other platforms below. Sometimes it’s just a matter of jumping and landing on another platform right below, but sometimes you have to navigate the terrain as you drop. Add to that bonuses for smooth landings and well-timed jumps, and I think you’ve got a winner. Sky Dancer is looking for testers in our Upcoming Games forum thread, so go join if you’re interested.