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‘Cat Quest’ Was a Dancing Game and More Facts In Fun Dev Blog

I always like reading developer blogs about a game’s development path because we get a look behind the curtain that often helps understand game development hurdles much better. And since this dev blog was about the upcoming Cat Quest, I had to write about it (my love for cats is a well-established fact). Cat Quest is an open-world RPG from Gentlebros where you explore towns and dungeons, visit shops, and take on dungeons for loot. And, as expected, the game is filled with cat puns that should make cat lovers purr with pleasure (sorry, I had to). The first surprise from the dev blog is that the game originally started off as a dancing game called Copycat where a player would do certain dance moves and the other player would have to copy (I like that idea). However, the game ended up being too hard to play and not much fun.

What they did keep from that was the 3D cat they had designed, and this little kitty found its way into an idle clicker. By the time the game was anywhere near an actual game, though, the developers realized that clickers were dying in popularity, so they decided to shift away and started working on an RPG called Cat Quest. But that’s not the end of the story because they soon realized their 3D kitty wasn’t resonating with people. So, they decided to cut a D from the 3D and turn that kitty into a 2D character. The change was successful (as you can see from the drawings) and that’s how we got the game we now know as Cat Quest. Read the whole blog here and give a kitty a treat as well.