‘Space Food Truck’, From the Developers of ‘Tilt to Live’, Has Finally Landed on iPad

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One Man Left have a pretty incredible track record on the App Store, as despite varying commercial success, the exhilarating twitch action gameplay of the Tilt To Live ($2.99) series was a lot of fun to play, especially in the early days of iOS as a serious gaming platform. Therefore, when the developers released Space Food Truck ($4.99) on Steam back in March, it was incredibly interesting to see how the One Man Left team would step up to tackle a larger and more complex experience having plied their trade on relatively fleeting games prior to its release, the outstanding Outwitters (Free) aside. Thankfully, Space Food Truck was warmly received amongst the PC gaming community, and has finally made the transition to handheld devices, as today the game has launched on iPad (sorry, no mobile release as of yet), so anyone looking for a meaty strategic sci-fi adventure can snack on Space Food Truck now.

As you’d expect from a game titled Space Food Truck, One Man Left’s newest iOS title merges a futuristic sci-fi setting in the cosmos with meal preparation gameplay, and even though it may seem like a bizarre and eclectic combo, it goes some way to reinvigorating the tired staples of each respective element. Through the core card collecting mechanic, you’re tasked with venturing across a procedural galaxy discovering ingredients to craft a variety of dishes, and must balance the roles of captain, chef, scientist and engineer to create the perfect menu and ward off threats to the extraterrestrial food trucks. With local and asynchronous online multiplayer, all for half the price of the Steam alternative at $9.99, Space Food Truck is a large portion of premium strategic gameplay, so if you own an iPad be sure to check out the game and let us know your thoughts on our forum thread.

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