Caffeine-Filled RPG ‘Soda Dungeon’ Updated with New Dungeon, New Class, New Items, and More

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There aren’t a whole lot of light RPGs out there that let you fuel up a team of heroes on sugar and caffeine and send them into a dungeon to do your battling and looting for you. In fact, I think there’s precisely one: Armor Game’s Soda Dungeon (Free). This week, Soda Dungeon received a huge update, adding a lot of new content to a package that we already really loved back when it was released in October of last year. First up is a new dungeon called Lair of Despair which is available after level 150. There’s also a new class called The Shifter, as well as 25 new Mythical rare items.

Another interesting addition in this update is the ability to revive your party by watching an ad. Soda Dungeon has always had one of the most friendly free to play systems around, and with opt-in ads being such a big hit nowadays this is another interesting way for the developers to try and monetize their game without forcing anything into their players’ faces. It’s limited to once per trip, and only once every two hours, so as not to be abused.

Some of the more minor bits of this latest update are a smarter liquidate function, an upgrade for customizing soda taps, banner ads that auto-close when a boss’s dialogue appears (for those who haven’t removed ads already, of course), a special low-power mode that’s currently in beta form, and of course lots of tweaks and bug fixes. As I alluded to before, we really enjoyed Soda Dungeon in our original review, and it’s gotten plenty of significant updates in the year since, including today’s. Be sure to give it a shot and check out what people have been saying about the game in our forums.

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