‘DragonVale World’ Has Just Released, Get Ready to Build Even More Dragon Parks

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The original DragonVale was, and continues to be, a huge mobile hit. The game had a zillion downloads, and I still see people tending to their virtual Dragon Parks. Backflip Studios has decided to follow up on that huge game and has just surprised everyone with the sudden release of DragonVale World (Free), so get ready to build even bigger Dragon Parks. The game is all about collecting dragons, breeding them, changing their appearance and abilities, and then displaying them in your park. It’s like Jurassic Park but no one gets eaten (I hope). DragonVale World brings over 140 dragons to the game and plenty of ways to engage with them.

You can also trade with other players – a feature I wish Pokemon GO had – as you try to collect all the resources needed to make your dragon park the most amazing dragon prison (I meant paradise) in the world. DragonVale World will also have plenty of events throughout the year, so get ready. The game is out today ahead of schedule, so go play it now. And if you want to start talking to others about the game and arranging trades, check out our DragonVale World forum thread. Happy breeding!

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