‘Clash Royale’ Update Is Live, Brings Rebalancing Along With Improvements

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We wrote yesterday that Clash Royale (Free) is teasing a new update, and today Supercell has released the update along with details about the new features. Let’s quickly review what we talked about yesterday. We are getting friendlier Friendly Battles with both players’ cards leveled up or down to the Tournament Rules, four new cards – with Tornado coming November 11 and then the rest one every two weeks – and special event challenges, the first of which will be the King’s Cup. The King’s Cup will be a limited time challenge with special rules, and the fun part is that each battle you’ll play with a pre-constructed deck. The first King’s Cup challenge is free to enter and starts November 4th.

In addition to all this, the new update brings some improvements to the game. When you mute your opponent now, you’ll fully mute them; no more silent emoting from the other side. You are now able to request cards from your Clan every 7 hours instead of 8, and Clan Trophy requirements can be set to 4000. There are also some balance changes to the game. Rage sees an increase in its effect from 30% to 35%, Ice Spirit sees its Freeze duration decreased to 1.5 sec, Ice Golem death damage increased by 74%, and Inferno Towers’ hitpoints decreased by 6%.

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