Best ‘Pokemon GO’ Halloween Costume Ever?

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If you’ve ever wanted to play real-life and life-size Pokemon GO (Free), Instagram user mattcyborgelt is ready when you are. He went all out with this one, and it includes a Pokeball dispenser and a taunting Pikachu in the middle of a pretty real-looking representation of Pokemon GO‘s AR screen. Once you toss the ball and hit that Pikachu, a Pokeball pops in from behind and grabs that poor little yellow guy. You can even get stars for your effort! This is a pretty cool costume and probably the only way most of us will ever catch Pikachu; that little yellow guy is too rare for my taste.

A video posted by Matt Borgelt (@mattcyborgelt) on

I have to say, this is both a very inventive and a very well-made Pokemon GO costume. What would make it more realistic, though, is if he had you walk into the street while tossing that ball and getting smashed by a car. Or maybe falling down a cliff? So, what do you think of the costume?

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