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‘Paper Wings’ is a Gorgeous Game of Bird Stunts, Out Now on Android and Coming Soon to iOS

Fil Games has revealed Paper Wings, which puts you in control of a bird that has to catch falling, glowing balls from the air before they sink and fall off the bottom of the screen. Your bird has what I’d call plausibly-real physics, so in order to gain altitude, you have to do loops to gain momentum. It’s kind of reminiscent of Whale Trail (Free), though this game has you flying around an arena with walls that cycle around to each side. It’s basically a game of bird stunts, as you have to do some fancy flying to collect all the balls and to avoid the eventual hazards that pop up. The game’s production values are slick – the birds are animated quite well, and there’s nice little visual effects in play that add a dynamic quality to the world:

Paper Wings isn’t available yet, with the iOS release happening down the road, along with a Steam release. However, Android gamers can play the game right now, with the game out for free on Google Play. If you have an Android device, give it a shot!