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Quantum Sheep Has Delayed ‘Gerty – Robots in Love’ Until 2017, but Has Released a Free Online Text Adventure Instead

Whenever I see an iOS game being delayed, while part of me is obviously disappointed, I always think back to previous eras of gaming where games were delayed for months – or even years – at a time, and it was especially bad in the UK because of the huge gaps while titles were being localised. Even now, examples on mainstream consoles as The Last Guardian and what became The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have been perpetually held off release, so the occasional wait in such a fluid environment like the App Store isn’t the end of the world, especially if the final product is better for it. So, in a way, the bad news that Quantum Sheep’s upcoming narrative focused exploration game Gerty – Robots in Love has been delayed to 2017 will really be good news when it does eventually launch next year. To make up for this, the developer has spontaneously released a new text adventure called Main Course: Director’s Cut that can be found online, which softens the blow for anyone who was anticipating more sheepy goodness in 2016.

Quantum Sheep didn’t explicitly mention when in 2017 Gerty – Robots in Love is expected to hit the App Store, but since the initial reveal in July of this year, the developer has been making some impressive progress on the game that he has shared on our forum. With even more depth and detail being placed on the planets, various encounters with mysterious space objects like a derelict ship, and even including the the developer’s favourite beverage in tea as the main collectable in the game, Gerty looks like it is going above and beyond the original scope of the game, which is great to see – especially with the title being greenlit by the Steam Community in August. If you’re a fan of space, sheep, tea, or all of the above, head on down to the forum thread and suggest any ideas for Gerty you’d like to see implemented when it launches in 2017.