‘Clash Royale’ Graveryard Spell Is Now Available

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Today, Clash Royale (Free) got another card, and this is a fun one. Today we got Graveyard, a 5-cost Legendary spell that spawns level 9 Skeletons with 10 second duration and 5 block radius. Skeletons are great against large, strong targets but too vulnerable to arrows and other units. So, many see this spell as a way to take out big targets more effectively. However, some reddit users aren’t too impressed so far because they feel the spell is one elixir too expensive to be a good. Others, though, see it as verging on OP and have been looking for good counters to it. Valkyries, archers, goblins, and minions seem to be good counters so far as is poison, since it takes them out as they pop out of the ground.

What do you think about this card now that it’s out (if you’ve managed to get your hands on it)? Is it OP, rather weak, or powerful enough to be useful? I like the idea behind it, but I’m not sure it will end up being used that much.

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