‘The Forgotten Room’, the New Paranormal Point-And-Click Adventure From Glitch Games, Is Out Now on the App Store

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that was released earlier this year. Owing to their impressive track record, there has been a lot of excitement on our forums about The Forgotten Room (Free), which is the developer’s next attempt at the paranormal adventure genre, and tells the story of investigator John Buster, who has to try and find a ten year old girl who went missing while playing hide and seek. With some really detailed and surreal graphics, coupled with perfect release timing on the eve of Halloween, The Forgotten Room looks incredibly captivating and blood-curdling at the same time, and is available right now on the App Store for only $1.99.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of The Forgotten Room – back in April, we took a look at a teaser trailer that does a great job of building up the atmosphere and an ominous feeling of dread which will hopefully translate well to the actual game. With a wide variety of puzzles, a fantastically foreboding soundtrack from Richard J. Moir, and the revolutionary and groundbreaking feature of candles, The Forgotten Room is definitely worth a try for fans of Glitch Games’ back catalogue or similar titles such as The Room ($0.99), anyone looking for horror games to celebrate Halloween with, or fervent nationalists like myself looking to support a smaller indie developer from Oxford in the UK. Don’t forget to tiptoe into the release thread on our forums and share your impressions and thoughts on The Forgotten Room with our (definitely not terrifying) community.

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