Is ‘Hearthstone’ Teasing Pirates Now?

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We know that Blizzard is going to be revealing the next Hearthstone (Free) expansion at BlizzCon, and we’ve been getting constant teases and hints about something to do with Gadgetzan. The latest tease is another issue of the Gadgetzan Gazette that’s all about how the Gadgetzan Port promotes Prosperity. The long, and fun, article regarding trade at the Gadgetzan Port might be hiding a thousand hints about the new expansion, or it might be hiding barely any. There’s talk about “mysterious cloaked and hooded figures linked with smuggling, illicit potion parlors, and strange red mana," talk of the Mega Market, and also talk about Mayor Noggenfogger, who reddit sees as a possible new Legendary.

There’s also a ton of ads around the article that might be hints, or not. There’s an ad about Kaza-Kola, a red drink (here’s another mention of red) that gives you energy, a complimentary Map & Compass on arrival, and more.

In addition to all this, the gif on the official Twitter account shows a ship going through the ocean and then disappearing, which of course has led to talk of the next expansion including more pirates. Pirate decks are on the verge of being very competitive, so an influx of Pirate cards would definitely be interesting to see. So, what do you think of all these? Pirates, or no Pirates?

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