Halloween Has Scared 50% Off ‘Fallout Shelter’ Bundles

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If you’re one of the many who like to build and maintain silly shelters in Fallout Shelter (Free), then this Halloween will be a good time for you because Bethesda has cut 50% of all the game’s bundles. Since this is a F2P game, there are quite a few bundles for you to get your hands on, and now is a great time to go on a bit of a Halloween shopping yourself and stack up. The game’s already celebrating Halloween in the vault again with limited time quests, room themes, and outfits, although I’m not sure you would want to go trick or treating in one of those vaults; who knows what you’d end up with in your bucket, although you might like candied radioactive roaches.

I’m glad to see Bethesda continue to update Fallout Shelter and to keep it interesting. The game really lacked new content for some time when it came out, but now I’m glad to see those Vaults teeming with life (or with whatever else crawls around in those vaults).

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