Bone-Filled ‘Ossuary’ Expansion Hitting ‘Imbroglio’ Tomorrow, Alongside First Ever Price Drop

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Make no bones about it – Michael Brough’s latest game Imbroglio ($3.99) is an essential dungeon-crawling experience that, in our review, we stated stands firm with his previous classic iOS releases such as 868-HACK ($4.99). However, on the topic of bones, an incoming update to Imbroglio is as suitably obsessed with skeletons as the imminent Halloween celebrations would suggest. This expansion, which is titled Imbroglio: Ossuary (in other words, a container where bones of deceased are placed), sends your heroes into perilous bone-pits, to undoubtedly uncover a whole host of freaky items, enemies and gems to collect throughout the game. Brough has stated in a recent blog post that the expansion will be released tomorrow, so will launch with plenty of time before the spooky spectacle of October 31st. For anyone who hasn’t tried Imbroglio yet, the game is also on sale for the first time ever, so this is a great time to pick it up if you have a lot of free time you don’t mind being stolen by the undead.

While Brough hasn’t gone into detail about the expansion – instead preferring the new additions to spook you when they roll out tomorrow – the tidbits of information look like they’ll add some variety to the game, especially for veterans who may be more familiar with the mechanics. Two new heroes are being added, with ‘Chaos Oracle Molly’ being introduced, with an ability that lets her control the targets of random effects which reduces some of the unpredictability, at the cost of enemies being able to spawn at any gate. Furthermore, with sixteen new items, including the infamous ‘Skeleton Key’, the Ossuary expansion adds a lot of new rules to Imbroglio which should be terrifyingly fun to check out – full details, including some pictures of the new additions in the update, can be found on Brough’s blog page. If Shaun’s review and the trailer have sold you on Imbroglio, be sure to pick it up while it is on sale for $2.99, and whether you’re a newcomer or a longstanding veteran, let us know what you think of Imbroglio: Ossuary on our forum thread.

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