NetMarble’s ‘Marvel Future Fight’ Gets New ‘Doctor Strange’ Content

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With Marvel’s Doctor Strange set to hit theaters soon, and try to introduce people to the more arcane side of the Marvel mythos. Look, they turned the freaking Guardians of the Galaxy into a cinematic blockbuster, I’m not discounting the possibilities of Doctor Strange. But what this does mean is that all the myraid Marvel games are getting updates in time to add Doctor Strange to them, and Netmarble’s Marvel Future Fight (Free) action-RPG is no exception.

Eight new characters are here in the update: Doctor Strange, Mordo, Wong, Kaecilius, The Ancient One, Satana (the daughter of Satan!), Hellstrom (the son of Satan! This update is quite metal!), and Clea ae all in the game now. As well, the first 4 characters in that list all have outfits inspired by costumes from the Doctor Strange movie. The Quest of Epic Hero is the first quest in Marvel Future Fight that’s dedicated to a single hero, following Doctor Strange’s journey, and giving players a Tier-2 Doctor Strange upon completion. As well, a new King of the Hill mode, improvements to Alliance Battle, and other fixes have been added to the game. The Doctor Strange update is available now.

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