‘Batman – The Telltale Series’ Episode 3 Is Available Now

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Batman – The Telltale Series (Free) has had a peculiar existence on iOS. The first episode came way after it hit PC and consoles, the second episode came briefly after the first one – but still well behind other platforms – and now episode 3 has hit iOS only a couple of days after PC and consoles. Maybe this means we’ll get episode 4 pretty much at the same time as everyone else. You can now g and grab New World Order for $4.99 and continue playing as Batman and Bruce Wayne, if your device can actually play it since most iOS devices have been having quite a few technical issues with the series so far. Hopefully, Episode 3 will play better.

If you haven’t messed with the series yet, I suggest you go ahead and check it out. Telltale’s take on the Dark Knight has been quite intriguing, and personally I’ve been enjoying the game quite a bit. Just make sure you have a good device.

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