YouTube Prankster Roman Atwood Releases ‘SMILE Inc.’, and Hits 2 Million Downloads in 48 Hours

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YouTube celebrities making a digital transition to the App Store seems to be all the rage as of late, with PewDiePie achieving some incredible success with Legend of the Brofist ($4.99) and most recently his Tuber Simulator (Free) title. However, while such games are obviously reliant on the endorsement of the celebrity involved, in our review for PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator we found that through a significant amount of personal involvement from the personality himself, the game was a lot of fun even to those who still think YouTube is primarily dedicated to cat videos. The next major vlogger to release a game on iOS is Roman Atwood, and in a similar vein to his videos which are full of tricks and tomfoolery, his App Store debut SMILE Inc. (Free) involves your character having to avoid and navigate numerous traps around the workplace. Owing to his immense popularity – with just shy of ten million subscribers on YouTubeSMILE Inc. has predictably shot up the App Store charts, and rests firmly at number one for free games a mere two days after release.

Anyone unfamiliar with Roman Atwood’s YouTube channel should not worry, as despite sharing a moniker with the vlogger’s motto of ‘smile more’, SMILE Inc. appears to be derivative of the many high-score focused runners that have cluttered the App Store for years. Having to progress through what must be the least practical of office spaces, you must avoid a wide variety of traps such as electric gates, chainsaws, and similar deadly obstacles and try and get as far as you can without meeting an untimely fate. With over fifty missions to complete, mystery boxes to open and the end of runs, and a cartoony voxel graphical style, the influence from games such as Jetpack Joyride (Free) and Crossy Road (Free) is worn on the game’s sleeve. However, with cameos from Roman Atwood’s cast of eccentric characters, a whole host of playable people, and special holiday events, SMILE Inc. should strike a chord with fans of the prankster’s internet videos, and with two million downloads in 48 hours could be the next big fad on the App Store.

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